Shini Robot : ST3 Series

The ST3 Series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of sprue and products from injection molding machine, and place them at desired locations. Standard and telescopic arm(s) are selectable according to the application of two plate mold, three plate mold or hot runner system. Stacking function provides 2 stop points in X and Y axis, multiple stop points in Z axis.

Note: The “~” means Range of Specification. Contact us at [email protected]
Due to the significant number of Variations in a single model, those in the “Ranged” were done by ranges instead of by specification.


The ST3 Series also has 82 different options:

  • Ranged (Four Variations) : ST3-1000
  • Ranged (Five Variations) : ST3-900
  • Ranged (Six Variations) : ST3-800 / ST3-1100
  • Ranged (Seven Variations) : ST3-1200
  • Ranged (Nine Variations) : ST3-700

Shini ST3 Series


Shini ST3-S


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