Yizumi Hi-Speed : PAC Series

The Yizumi PAC Series & PAC-K Series are the go to machines for the Food Packaging and Medical Industry. The PAC & PAC-K Series are machines specially made to meet the Thin Walled Industry standard and requirements.

Note: The “~” means Range of Specification. Contact us at [email protected]
Due to the significant number of Variations in a single model, those in the “Ranged” were done by ranges instead of by specification.


The PAC & PAC-K Series also has 12 different options:

  • Ranged (4 Variations) : PAC 150 / PAC 200
  • Ranged (7 Variations) : PAC 250
  • Ranged (9 Variations): PAC 300 / PAC 350 / PAC 450 / PAC550

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