Shini Granulator : SG-N Series

SG-16N/20N series low-speed granulators have paddle blades and staggered blades design for customer selection. They are mainly used for granulating sprues or rejects fed by pickers or belt conveyors beside the moulding machines. They feature low speed, high torque, low noise and dust level, excellent quality and performance.

Note: The “~” means Range of Specification. Contact us at [email protected]
Due to the significant number of Variations in a single model, those in the “Ranged” were done by ranges instead of by specification.


The SG Series also has 5 different options:

  • Single Variation : SG1621-N / SG1635-N
  • Two Variations : SG1628-N / SG2028-N / SG2042-N

Shini SG-N Series


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